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With over 20 yrs of excellence as a dance and fitness Professional, for Michelle Brooke health and fitness has always been a lifestyle and priority.  

Michelle gained notoriety world wide as a dancer and a personal trainer. As a dancer she toured the world with an endless list of celebrities, appearing in countless tv shows, music videos and more. As a fitness professional, She has contributed to the fitness industry with her role as Choreographer/Trainer  on the hit TV show "Dance Your Ass off" (The Biggest Loser meets Dancing with the Stars) where her partner lost over 100 lbs. Since her experience the the show, She has dedicated her life outside of Dance to motivate & educate all fitness enthusiasts with result driven techniques..

As a personal trainer Michelle’s main focus is to empower women to embrace there body type while setting realistic goals towards building a strong, yet feminine & healthy body from the inside out. 

As well as encouraging men to incorporate a variety of fitness methods outside of weight lifting like balances and stretching to actually increase muscle growth to benefit their masculine physique and to prevent injury.

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In addition, Michelle is also a mom to a beautiful 4 Year old little girl MaryElla. Here she explains her journey as a 1st time mom... 
After becoming a mom at 38, of course fitness became second priority to my babygirl. I just could not find the energy within the first 2 years of her life, to be the best mom I could be and also prioritize my fitness goals. Soon I began to feel like I had  fallen so far from my pre baby body, that i couldn't get back on track physically or mentally. Over judging and disappointment all caused frustration and lack of inspiration to get back to the me I once knew. Without the time, energy and endurance, I felt stuck and fell even more behind on taking care of myself and my body.  My temple that once was everything, before anything else, that was my best asset was now my greatest flaw. 
As I encountered 2020, I knew I'd need support to make it through a nationwide Quarantine healthier and in better shape. I recruited a quaranTEAM, an incredible group of women and began teaching my Live Virtual fitness sessions. I set out to inspire my team to join me in the journey to get back on track and make it out of 2020 better no matter the circumstances. These women did not know that they were helping me and became my saving grace. Each incredible soul that joined me now held me accountable for their fitness success and mine as well.  
Now into 2021 with my forever soul sister group ready for the next chapter in our journey I've created  Solstice Fit Program. This program is designed to enforce the thoughts that working out isn't geared towards how you look, nearly as much as how it makes you feel. The result of feeling good makes u look good and the body will follow with consistency. I hope to reach more deserving souls that know they are worth all the effort.

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Making Fitness Fun

As a professional Fitness Instructor and retired pro dancer I've had a very blessed life following my dreams. Ive worked with people that have inspired me and helped me along the way. My passion is to help everyone follow their dreams and feel healthy and fit on their way.

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