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Designed With everyone in Mind

I have a range of sessions that focus on different fitness areas. You may feel temporary pain, but I promise you’ll be feeling great about yourself. Read more about my classes and sign up today.


Monday /Tuesday/Thursday

10:00am-10:30 EST 

7:00am-7:30 PST

Are you ready to transform your body? SOLSTICE Method could well be your next favorite thing! Designed to improve strength, coordination and wellbeing, this class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level Beginner -Advanced


4:00pm-4:30 EST
1:00pm-1:30 PST

SOLSTICE Method will also help develop strength, flexibility and balance. Contact me today and learn how to set your goals for our program. 
This time caters to our DOE teachers after you've taught our children, this is the time to take care of you.


Friday Night is Girls night - 

Begins 3/12/2021:

Every other Friday to follow

8:30pm -9:30 EST

A sensual and stimulating way to activate those muscles through Strength, fluidity and balance.  Designed to improve your Core strength, flexibility and learn how to properly and fiercely walk in heels. This class is guaranteed to take your confidence to the next level. Get your favorite cocktail for this one... we will sip after our 20 min core & full body strengthening, slip on our heels and learn a sensual dance you may want to save for your significant other. Sign up with a friend today!

Schedule: Schedule
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